Thursday, 9 September 2010

Idiom "play"

Idioms Inggris – using the word ‘play’

Idioms today with the word ‘play’ in them. The first idiom is ‘play ball’. We use this idioms if we want to say that someone is co-operating or helping, even though a little unwillingly perhaps.

‘Steve agreed to play ball even though he wasn't really happy about it. He agreed to help with organizing the big surprise for his father.’

The second idiom using ‘play’ is ‘play with fire’. If we say someone is playing with fire we mean that they are being a bit silly and that if they are not very careful they will get into trouble, maybe even serious trouble.

‘I told Richard that he was playing with fire. If he continued to lie about the money then he would only get into worse trouble and maybe even jail.’

So there you are, two new and easy to use Idioms that you are sure to hear if you are in Australia. Remember however that there are hundreds of idioms. To learn them all is impossible – even I don't know them ALL. But if you listen carefully and learn quite a few then listening will certainly be easier for you in Oz.

‘play ball’ — ‘bekerja sama’

‘playing with fire’ — ‘bermain api’

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